Digital Dentures, A Unique Modular Approach

Course Description

Digital denture technology supports the clinician in efforts to reduce the clinical time required to produce a denture.  Clinical procedures can be facilitated by digitally manufactured custom trays and recording devices.  The integration of clinical data in available design software assures that the technician is designing dentures according to sound anatomic references.  The CAD/CAM process, either printing or milling, provide accuracy to support excellence in denture fit and occlusion.  The communication offered between clinician and technician in design and through prototypes that give patients direct feedback to proposed denture designs highlight the many advantages of digital denture technology, thus enhancing the close cooperation and working relationship of the dentist/technician restorative team.

This course covers key components for the clinical and technical fabrication of a lab based Digital Denture utilizing a unique modular process that offers the restorative team the ability to choose prosthetic materials based on the best combination for the patient.


Learning Objectives:

  • Digital dentures; improved processes, or just different?
  • Understand clinical instrumentation protocols and competencies for digital denture success.
  • Milling and Printing, Digital Denture materials.
  • Understanding the clinical/laboratory advantages of a modular component system.
  • Recognize benefits of a fully laboratory-based system approach to digital denture fabrication.
  • Identify key innovative workflow options to include advantages of monolithically milled/printed teeth and denture base.
  • Finishing techniques for optimal esthetics.

Additional Information

CE Credit:
2 1/2 day course

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Intermediate, Advanced



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