Sculpture Digital Tooth Libraries

A restorative tooth form needs to be a balance of ideal mechanics and function, in harmony with the beauty of natural tooth form. Artistry needs to be balanced with predictability, and the ability to design restorations at an efficient pace. Sculpture tooth libraries also allow exact tooth form communication between the dentist, patient and the laboratory fabricating the final restorations.
Sculpture Digital tooth libraries are engineered tooth forms that are a combination of denture tooth design philosophy, along with the natural beauty of a human tooth shape. After 30 years of creating teeth from wax, ceramic, and designing both denture tooth, and digital tooth forms, I started to notice the similarities of teeth, above the differences. I used these observations to create idealized tooth forms that would fit easily into a variety of restorative situations. For anterior tooth shape and arrangement I was able to define and classify these teeth into nine distinct tooth shapes.

Libraries, which save 50% – 70%, design time

  • Idealized for CAD design
    Broad interproximal contacts
    Even marginal ridges, and cusp tips
  • Even fossa depth
  • Shallower, more natural fossa depth and inclines
  • Flatter triangular ridges
  • Cusp tips and occlusal anatomy idealized for faster designing
  • Well defined primary anatomy, for faster design and finishing

2 sets of libraries
Front, Smile Design: a series of 9 Smile Design Tooth Libraries based on the
CULP Classification.
Also includes 3 facial, and 3 lingual cutbacks

Back, series of 8 occlusal anatomy designs.
Bonus: full root tooth forms
Patient, dentist, laboratory Communication charts

Culp XXX Teeth

Lee has been designing teeth for over 40 years; he created the first custom digital tooth libraries, along with creating some of the worlds leading denture teeth, as well as his own world-renowned restorative work.

Now he brings that experience to a full set of maxillary and mandibular, anterior and posterior idealized tooth shapes for teaching individual tooth morphology. CULP XXX teeth are offered in three different shape configurations, based on age, wear, and differing anterior and posterior shape and anatomy.

Each kit consists of 28 teeth approximately 6 cm high in an attractive box, for display or storage.

CULP XXX teeth are offered in a durable resin to resists wear, and chipping, to offer years of education.


Sculpture Line Pro Shop

Show your passion and commitment to advanced digital dentistry, with products emblazoned with the Sculpture Academy and Sculpture Line logos. The logo, designed by Culp, is an interaction of several timeless symbols that combine to from a symbol that reflects 3D design, Infinity, Yin and Yang, and also the letter S, for Sculpture.


  • Mouse pad
  • Desk Pads
  • Desk pads paper
  • Shirts
  • Coffee Cup
  • E books
  • Glass water Cup
  • Glass / metal, water cup, brush / instrument holder, bur holder
  • Ceramic / Composite instruments
  • Ceramic brushes
  • Inspirations Photography
  • A collection of images by Lee Culp
    A collection of original art, by Oscar Correa