About Sculpture Studios

Sculpture Studios is a dental laboratory, education, and research/product development center for new and innovative digital dental technologies, and their applied applications to diagnostic, restorative, and surgical dentistry.

Our primary mission at Sculpture Studios is to establish meaningful relationships that are built upon a solid foundation of caring, communication, and trust. It is not what we occasionally intend to do but what we intentionally do routinely… with a passion for precision, accuracy, and beauty as our motivation… that truly makes the difference. Our entire technical staff is rated among the most highly trained technologists in dentistry, annually accumulating hundreds of hours of advanced continuing education. In addition to their best-of-the-best technical capabilities, our team leaders are accomplished authors, lecturers, and instructors offering their expertise and guidance on a broad national platform of influence. Through these efforts, we have instituted a highly evolved academic standard of practice that transcends into our own everyday environment, which is directly reflected in the functional integrity and uncompromised beauty of our restorations.

To this end, we can extend to you, as our valued clinical partner, the essence of our goal… to provide a superior restorative product with a superior level of service… based on sound principles of art and science combined with proven elements of design and aesthetic… so that your journey in functional aesthetic dentistry can be everything you want it to be.

The technician-dentist team striving for total excellence in advanced functional aesthetic dentistry must certainly possess a superior, comprehensive knowledge of both material science and principles of application. The successful utilization of such knowledge and skill is further dependant on the implementation of superior communications for diagnosis, treatment planning and related restorative processes.

Indeed, the entire team must be totally committed to a superior level of pursuit and understanding in the study of artistic form, function and design as they are applied to an increasingly demanding, ever-evolving aesthetics oriented market.

To maintain our leading-edge focus, Sculpture Studios consults with high profile international dental manufacturers, research centers and educators as an independent center for product development and evaluation. This places us in the very unique position to access and evaluate crucial information and gain valuable insight into new, cutting-edge technology, materials and services that may potentially benefit our clients and their patients.

Our laboratory, communication and education support facilities offer the most advanced “state-of-the-art” equipment, instrumentation, techniques and applications available anywhere in the world. Through the combined efforts of our highly-trained technical and support staff, Sculpture Studios is an internationally recognized leader in diagnostic & treatment planning support, technical-clinical excellence, and most importantly, is dedicated to offering our dentist clients and their patients the highest standard of professional care coupled with an unparalleled commitment toward consistently meeting their every functional aesthetic needs and desires.

From questions regarding case scheduling and diagnostic treatment planning through fabrication and completion, we are always available to assist in your success.