Artistry in Harmony with Technology

Sculpture Studios is a pioneer in digital dental laboratory technology, with 100% of all design and manufacturing created on the leading digital technologies, utilizing state of the art, scanning technology, wet and dry milling and 3D printing to create anything from a simple single posterior restoration to a full arch guided surgery; Implant supported zirconia restoration. These technological advancements will only further revolutionize the quality of dental care that is being delivered in modern restorative dentistry.

Prelude Diagnostic and Treatment Planning

Prelude 2D Smile Design

Prelude Virtual 3D Diagnostic Design

PRELUDE Provisional PMMA Restorations

Sculpture Studios Comprehensive Implant Solutions

Pre-Surgical Planning – Surgical Guides

Immediate Load Provisional Restorations

Bone Reduction

All Ceramic Restorations

The development of high-strength all-ceramics has provided an alternative to porcelain-fused-to metal (PFM) restorations. Restorations made from a monolithic all-ceramic material eliminate many of the problems dental professionals faced with metal-ceramic and fully layered zirconia frameworks, such as fractures and/or chips in the porcelain material that can contribute to decreased esthetics and function. However, in their early existence, zirconia materials lacked natural esthetics. With advanced technology and material developments, zirconia and lithium disilicate have come a long way. Both IPS e.max CAD and IPS e.max ZIRCAD zirconia from Ivoclar Vivadent demonstrate high strength and a natural appearance. Using CAD/CAM technology, we can design the restorations virtually, then mill IPS e.max CAD or IPS e.max ZIRCAD zirconia blanks monolithically into crowns and bridges with either minimal hybrid layering or, without the need for applying a veneering ceramic.


IPS e.max CAD

Dental Implants

Implants are now well documented for fulfilling the functional/esthetic requirements in prosthetic tooth replacement. New technologies along with evolution of digital surgical and prosthetic techniques allow the dental team predictable, consistent results in implant rehabilitation. As dentistry evolves into the digital world, the successful incorporation of computerization and new technology will continue to provide more efficient methods of communication and fabrication while at the same time, the utilization of new technology will be enhanced by a close cooperation and working relationship of the dentist/technician team.

To assist you, Sculpture Studios has become internationally recognized as one of the leading laboratories in Digital Dental Implant Dentistry, and we offer one of the most comprehensive implant services in the profession today, from CBCT guided surgery, to final restorations, or anywhere in between.

Implant Provisional Restoration

PMMA Screw Retained Provisional Implant Restorations

PMMA Cement Retained Provisional Implant Restorations 

Implant Final Restorations

Full Contour Monolithic Screw Retained Implant Restorations 

Full Contour Monolithic Nano Ceramic over Milled bar

Individual restorations, over milled “Prep Bar”.

Cement Retained Implant Restorations 

ATLANTIS Conus Concept