Sculpture Academy Team

  • 2003 recipient of the National Association of Dental Laboratories, Excellence in Education Award
  • 2007 recipient of the Kenneth Rudd Award from the American Society of Prosthodontics
  • 2007 recipient of the AACD Presidents Award for Excellence in Dental Education
  • 2013 recipient of the American College of Prosthodontics-Dental Technician Leadership Award
  • 2014 recipient of the Spectrum Publishing-Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2016 recipient of the Dr. Peter Dawson-Dawson Academy – Dentistry Distinguished Lifetime Service Award

Lee Culp, CDT is the CEO of Sculpture Studios, and is a recognized pioneer in Digital Dentistry and advanced functional aesthetic dentistry. He holds true to a belief that the attainment of perfection in restorative dentistry can only be harnessed through a unique combination of skillful application coupled with superior knowledge. As a world-renowned innovator and educator, he maintains an unparalleled focus and commitment to understanding the revolutionary, often complex, changes that continue to influence modern aesthetic dentistry. Thus, he lends his vision and talent to developing, throughout dentistry and within his laboratory, the related materials and communications standards necessary to ensure the most realistic opportunities for success and gratification for those discriminating dental professionals who maintain a higher profile, cutting-edge practice philosophy.

He is a leading resource/inventor for many of the materials, products, and techniques used in dentistry today, and holds numerous patents for his ideas and products. Lee writes many articles per year, and his writing, photography, and teaching style have brought him international recognition, as one of today’s most exciting lecturers and innovative artisans in the specialty of digital dentistry, dental ceramics and functional esthetics.

Lee’s life is all about two things, his wife, Dr Lida Swann (Prosthodontist, Implant Surgeon) and Dentistry. He has three amazing children, one of which is also a dentist. Lee and Lida have two chocolate labs, Zeus & Thor. They are the mascots of their house in Blowing Rock, “Double Chocolate Lodge”.

But, if you can get him away from the lab, he can be found designing something, from glass sculpture to architectural and interior design of his laboratories, making knives and pens…loves “hot sauce”, craft beer (Stouts and Porters) and great tequila.

Corinna Coon

Production Coordinator

Corrina Coon, is the Sculpture Studios Production Coordinator, and oversees all client communications and case scheduling. She has 18 years of experience in this role, and has worked for both large and small dental laboratories in this capacity, as well as Implant case and multiphase case coordination. She will also be able to answer all your questions concerning shipping, billing, and the Sculpture Studios Client Portal and Digital Rx.

When not in the lab, Corrina is a professional Soccer/Basketball/Swimming/ MOM. Her husband, Brandon is a digital dental technician at Sculpture Studios, and when they are not chasing around their two boys; Dylan and Ethan, you can find them camping, or at a Disc Golf Course.


Paula Moore Correa

Marketing, Social Media & Courses

Paula Moore Correa, is the Marketing/Sales & Social Media Wizard for Sculpture Studios, Sculpture Academy, and Sculpture Line. She has over 30 years experience in customer service, sales, organization, and running courses in dentistry. She also maintains our website,Paula’s husband Oscar Correa also works at Sculpture Studios, and is our in-house artist.

In their downtime they enjoy collaborating on art projects, working with local charities, exhibiting at art shows, cooking gorgeous cuisine, and trying to meet the demands of their preciosa elderly shih-tzu, Miss Kitty aka Pisser.  

Matt Stone

Director of IT & Research

Matt Stone CDT, is the Manager of IT and Digital Technology at Sculpture Studios. He is graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Business Administration; he then completed his Associate in Applied Science degree Dental Technology program at Durham Technical College. With a combination of both a Dental and IT background, Matt is our in-house expert when it comes to figuring out anything digital, and allows us to stay at the leading edge of Digital Dentistry with software, milling/printing technology, IOS and CT scanning.

When Matt is not in his IT Digital domain at the lab, he and his wife Theresa, an RN at Duke University Hospital enjoy the local brewery scene, gaming, and rescuing kitties. When not in the lab, Matt can be found building computers, helping others with IT challenges, collecting rare bourbons, but his passion is beer, and beer brewing. He is an accomplished brewer, and is heading up our Liquid Sculpture Brewery.

Oscar Correa


Oscar Correa, holds two important positions at Sculpture Studios, he runs our Preparatory Department and is a support technician for milling and 3D Printing, to insure all cases move perfectly into our digital production process. He is also an accomplished artist, and his art background, has allowed him an easy transition into ceramics.

He looks forward to the creative process every day alongside his amazing wife Paula, who also works at Sculpture Studios. His artwork consists of commissioned art pieces, using the creative mediums of graphite, oils, acrylics, pastels and digital. “My beautiful family is my greatest masterpiece, and I plan to continue my father’s art legacy, and pass it along to my two sons, Logan and Kyan. You can view his artwork on his website

Joel Aviles

Digital Dental Technician/TSR

Joel Aviles CDT, is an accomplished Digital Dental designer, and talented ceramics technician, helping to create beautiful smiles for our clients and their patients.

He is an honors graduate of Durham Technical College, where he completed his Associate in Applied Science degree in Dental Technology, he then worked in several laboratories before joining Sculpture Studios.

Like most of the Sculpture Studios Team, Joel loves being outdoors, especially spending time camping and fishing, in our beautiful state of North Carolina. And, if ever questioned about his expertise, he has a big ass ax strapped to the top of his Jeep(the tallest at Sculpture Studios)

Brandon Coon

Digital Dental Technician/TSR

Brandon Coon, has over 19 years of experience in all aspects of the dental laboratory process. For Sculpture Studios, he now focuses on the transformation of ; CT / IOS data ,and model / impression scans into accurate design files for the creation of Surgical Guides and final restorations. In addition to digital file creation, he also is lead technician for all 3D printing technologies. When he isn’t doing technical work, you can find him on our Facebook & Instagram pages sharing his hilarious dental Dad jokes.

Brandon is a professional Jeep enthusiast, loves camping and adding new scratches to his Jeep while exploring off road trails. He is teaching his two sons the joy of fishing, chopping wood, badass knives, squatching and everything the magical outdoors has to offer. 


Mayhem Confer

Digital Dental Technician/TSR

You’ve all seen her Allstate commercials. When Mayhem isn’t breaking whatever they can reach, she is our Client technical support specialist, communicating with our dentist clients on all cases via phone, email, and real time Team Viewer sessions. He has 24 years experience in dental technology, specializing in implant supported full-arch restorations, focusing on natural esthetics and smile design using 3shape design software.

Bruce’s partner Sunelby, is also in the medical field, and works with Duke University Hospital. They have two sons Caden age 14, and Camden age 5, as you can see, CAD-CAM is in their names and their DNA. Being from St. Petersburg, Florida where everything is pretty flat, they like to spend their downtime 3 hours away in Boone, NC enjoying the beautiful mountains