ATLANTIS Conus Concept

The ATLANTIS Conus concept provides fully edentulous patients with a cost-effective, implant-supported prosthesis. The solution has the stability of a friction-retained, non-resilient prostheses, but the comfort of a fixed restoration. The concept is composed of patient-specific ATLANTIS Conus abutments (overdenture) together with prefabricated SynCone caps. The ATLANTIS Conus abutments are individually designed using the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software. This ensures that all abutments are parallel to each other, and that their restorative margin is as close to the soft tissue as possible. In addition ATLANTIS Conus concept also offers several advantages for patients like easy cleaning, optimal chewing function and sense of taste and desirable phonetic function and esthetic result.

A conventional overdenture restoration is a combination restoration using acrylic denture teeth and processing these teeth with to an acrylic denture base.. The challenge with this type of restoration is the constant repair that is necessary, due to denture teeth breaking, or coming lose.

To help alleviate this problem, Sculpture Studios developed a process of designing and fabricating with milling and printing technology, a High strength Polymer,or CR CO (chrome cobalt) precision bar. Once the bar design is completed and approved, a unique one piece-monolithic PMMA tooth set up is designed and milling from a high quality, double crossed linked PMMA. This precision milled monolithic tooth set up, is then bonded to the bar, and tissue shaded composite is applied to the gingival area to complete the esthetics.