Full Contour Monolithic Screw Retained Implant Restorations

Screw retained fixed implant provisional restorations can be single or multiple units, up to a full arch case. With digital design technology, and either using “stock”, custom, or Ti Base titanium abutments, restorations will be optimally designed with precision screw access holes. Additionally, Sculpture Studios uses Dynamic Abutment “angled screw, and access hole” technology, that allows us to move and angle screw access holes for optimal positioning, strength and esthetics in the provisional restoration. Titanium abutments can be anodized in a variety of colors (pink, gold) to insure optimum tissue and restoration esthetics.
Indications: Anterior, posterior single, multiple bridge units, full arch restoration.

  • Full Contour Monolithic Zirconia
  • Full Contour Monolithic Nano Ceramic