Pre-Surgical Planning – Surgical Guides

Sculpture Studio begins with pre-surgical planning utilizing your CBCT scans and Intra oral or model scans. We are able to merge these files, which allows us to first position the teeth in the most optimal restorative position, and design a full digital treatment plan. This proposed plan is then presented to you and your surgical specialist to assist with implant planning. Once the surgical plan is completed and approved, the plan is used to fabricate a surgical guide.

The surgical guide provides a guide for accurate drilling prior to placing the implants. Guides are tooth, tissue, or bone supported. Which method used depends on clinical factors, and desired final restorative outcome. With digital implant planning, we are essentially creating a “digital patient”, and by sharing treatment plans between the restorative dentist, surgeon and dental laboratory, we can all see and understand the opportunities and challenges that each unique case presents.