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Sculpture Studios is a pioneer in digital dental laboratory technology, with 100% of all design and manufacturing created on the leading digital technologies, utilizing state of the art, scanning technology, wet and dry milling and 3D printing, to create anything from a simple single posterior restoration, to a full arch guided surgery; Implant supported zirconia restoration.

Prelude Diagnostic and Treatment Planning

Prelude Virtual Diagnostic Design

PRELUDE Provisional PMMA Restorations

Sculpture Studios Comprehensive Implant Solutions

Pre-Surgical Planning – Surgical Guides

Immediate Load Provisional Restorations

Bone reduction

Disclaimer: Patient diagnosis, restorative diagnostics evaluation and treatment planning is the sole, clinical responsibility of the dentist clinician. Sculpture Studios can only provide guidance in restorative diagnostic and treatment planning services, including but not limited to: information, reporting, communications, appliances or devices, based on the dentist clinician’s prescribed request and any subsequent use of this service should only be considered as an aid to assist the dentist clinician in his/her clinical diagnosis for restorative objectives and procedures. Sculpture Studios or its personnel does not imply or represent that any diagnostic and treatment planning service, information, reporting, communication, appliance or device received by us should, in any way, be considered as a clinical diagnosis or procedure, and is strictly intended and limited only as a laboratory evaluation for related technical prosthesis procedure and applications planning.

Finale Restorative Options

The last part of a piece of music, a performance, or a beautiful smile, especially when very dramatic or exciting.

The attainment of perfection in the duplication of natural dentition is the ultimate achievement in contemporary esthetic dentistry.  Understanding the complex relationship between tooth form and function, and how they relate and combine to create the esthetics of natural dentition, is the basis of study for achieving predictable success in oral reconstruction.
As patients become more educated to modern dentistry’s advances, their motivation and desire for natural esthetic, restorative dentistry is increasing at a dramatic rate. Dentists are now fulfilling these patient demands, but many are concerned only with the visual impact of the smile, with total disregard to proper occlusion, envelope of function, and phonetics, resulting in broken restorations, speech problems, and patient dissatisfaction.
Sculpture Studios will offer clients a Teamwork approach, and offer unique insight into the replication of natural esthetics while focusing on proper function and occlusal harmony.  Dentist clients will be presented a format for achieving that often-elusive goal of pleasing the patient, dentist, and ceramist with creative ceramic artistry.

Ceramic Restorations

The development of high-strength all-ceramics has provided an alternative to porcelain-fused-to metal (PFM) restorations. Restorations made from a monolithic all-ceramic material eliminate many of the problems dental professionals faced with metal-ceramic and fully layered zirconia frameworks, such as fractures and/or chips in the porcelain material that can contribute to decreased esthetics and function. However, in their early existence, zirconia materials lacked natural esthetics. With advanced technology and material developments, zirconia and lithium disilicate have come a long way. Both IPS e.max CAD and IPS e.max ZIRCAD zirconia from Ivoclar Vivadent demonstrate high strength and a natural appearance. Using CAD/CAM technology, we can design the restorations virtually, then mill IPS e.max CAD or IPS e.max ZIRCAD zirconia blanks monolithically into crowns and bridges with either minimal hybrid layering or, without the need for applying a veneering ceramic.

ZEN- Zirconia Esthetics Naturally, all Sculpture Studios Zirconia restorations use ZEN color infusion techniques to custom shade each restoration. This technique allows each restoration to be shaded with dentin, enamel and nuance colors to produce the most life like zirconia restoration possible, with ultimate esthetics. Restorations are pre evaluated to determine whether a thin facial application of ceramic is necessary for final esthetics. Then each restoration is hand polished to achieve maximum wear compatibility, translucency and natural esthetics.



IPS e.max ZIRCAD MT Multi

IPS e.max CAD

Implant Restorations

Implants are now well documented for fulfilling the functional/esthetic requirements in prosthetic tooth replacement. New technologies, along with evolution of digital surgical and prosthetic techniques allow the dental team predictable, consistent results in implant rehabilitation. As dentistry evolves into the digital world, the successful incorporation of computerization and new technology will continue to provide more efficient methods of communication and fabrication while at the same time, the utilization of new technology will be enhanced by a close cooperation and working relationship of the dentist/technician team.

To assist you, Sculpture Studios has become internationally recognized as one of the leading laboratories in Digital Dental Implant Dentistry, and we offer one of the most comprehensive implant services in the profession today, from CBCT guided surgery, to final restorations, or anywhere in between.


Ti PMMA Screw Retained Provisional Implant Restorations

Cement Retained Implant Restorations

Ti ZIR Screw Retained Implant Restorations

Culp Hybrid Plus Restoration

Removable Restorations

Digital Denture is a manufacturing process for the rapid digital production of removable dentures. The process integrates the treatment steps in the dental practice with the digital manufacturing processes in the lab. Exclusive design software and coordinated materials, combined with well-designed manufacturing strategies and the state-of-the-art 3D printing and milling equipment platform, provide predictable and consistent results.
Digital Denture is engineered to help users save time compared with conventional denture fabrication methods and to benefit from shorter manufacturing times, fewer manual working steps and fewer interruptions in the workflow than with conventional procedures. In addition, the need for creating and articulating stone casts is eliminated. Model analysis and tooth setup is designed to be completed in considerably less time than with conventional methods. Digital Denture covers the following indications: complete dentures (upper and lower jaw), single-arch complete dentures (upper or lower jaw), duplicate complete dentures and immediate complete dentures.

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